FOPBR Fantasy

​How to Play

You will select your Fantasy team before each event, this will be your fantasy team for the WHOLE weekend. I will have the draw/sheet for riders and bulls up and sheet for selections up by 3 PM EST each day. Final results will be available on the Monday after the event. 

Your team will consist of 8 riders and 3 bulls:
    • 2 riders from the Las Vegas Bucking Chute
    • 2 riders from the BFTS Series Bucking Chute
    • 4 riders from the Jack Daniels Bucking Chute
    • 2 bulls from Chute A
  • 1 bull from Chute B
    • Your team can be selected from the draw/draft that’s posted each day. 
    • You can change your team up to 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the round.
  • This will be YOUR fantasy team through each individual round.
How your Fantasy Team Scores:
  • Your team will receive the PBR points the rider scores in the event.
  • All rides from the riders will count towards your team total.